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  • Lars Lawson

The IRC Road Re-port

— ROCI Swap Meet,  where we toured the Bartholomew County landfill and SWMD offices, including the Little Red Schoolhouse, and guests had the opportunity to swap their goods so EVERYTHING can be used and reused by whoever needs it!

— Muncie’s Living Lightly Fair, where four Hoosiers fell in love with the IRC and became members.  Monica Brase talked to school officials and parents about the video contest, to citizens who wanted to know, “Does all the stuff we put in the blue bags REALLY get recycled?”  (Monica was able to report that she actually SAW the MRF in action and yes, the blue bags’ contents really get recycled!).  The event was attended by a slew of people and was organized, fun, informative and yes, it included recycling! 


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