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Here are the recent responses to the Covanta vote:

IRC’S Statement on Covanta

August 8, 2014

The Indiana Recycling Coalition is disappointed that the Indianapolis Board of Public Works has approved Covanta’s plan to mix recyclables with trash.  As we have stated, this plan is a major step backwards for recycling in Indianapolis.  Having in recent days received access to the agreement, we now know it is a bad deal for taxpayers as well.

According to the contract, through 2028:

1.  The City will be financially penalized when the current subscription curbside recycling program collects 5% more recyclables per year than the year prior to the Covanta facility opening.  Thus, clean residential recycling is disincentivized by the new contract.2.  The recycling goal for Covanta’s facility is 18%. This is a 23% decrease from the original 23.5% goal Covanta had been touting while marketing proposal in recent months.  There does not appear to be a penalty for not achieving the meager 18% goal.3.  This contract precludes the private sector from working with the City to improve recycling programs for the next 14 years. As innovative resources become available, the City will be unable to explore new possibilities and better approaches.

As the permitting and contractual processes begin for this planned facility, the IRC will continue to explore avenues to create a better solution for Indianapolis.


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