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Recycling programs benefit Indiana On Jan. 19, in his article, “Green biz feeling blue,” Sam Stall wrote about current challenges facing the recycling industry, including the state’s recent decision to suspend recycling grant and loan programs. The Indiana Recycling Coalition is very concerned about this decision. We believe that these programs represent a first-rate example of our state government encouraging growth in the green economy. Almost two decades ago, the Indiana Legislature created these grant and loan programs to stimulate the infrastructure growth required to support a robust recycling industry. As a result, significant investments have been made in recycled commodities processing and manufacturing, expanded municipal recycling programs, and increased household hazardous-waste programs. Remarkably, none of these programs relies on a cent of property, sales or income tax. Dedicated user fees in the form of landfill tipping fees fund these programs. Ironically, according to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, one of the programs suspended, the Recycling Market Development Program, created a profound positive impact on our economy, funding 23 projects last year, totaling $1.3 million in loans and grants awarded to companies whose investments brought $54 million to the state of Indiana. By highlighting this return on investment, IDEM correctly stressed the importance of these programs to our economy as well as our environment. The IRC urges IDEM to reconsider its decision to suspend these programs. In this tough economic climate, these funds are all the more valuable to Indiana—to continue the growth of our green economy and the creation of jobs that will result from that growth. We know that per ton of materials, every one landfill or incinerator job equals 10 jobs for sorting and processing recyclables. Those recyclables are then used to manufacture new products. Our economy is strengthened when we sort and process recycled resources in Indiana, and our economy grows even more so when those materials are used for manufacturing in Indiana As Stall noted, recycling is a multibillion dollar-a-year industry in the United States. Recycling is also one of the easiest ways for Hoosiers to reduce their carbon footprint, to save natural resources and to make Indiana a greener state. Let’s not backslide on our ability to grow this green industry, which is providing much needed jobs and environmental benefits to our state. Carey Hamilton Executive Director Indiana Recycling Coalition



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