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  • Lars Lawson

Habitat for Humanity ReStores Divert Tons from Indiana Landfills

The ReStore is a place where people can donate used or new building materials and household items.  Different from the Goodwill, Habitat takes toilets, cabinets, doors, sinks, and appliances that are then resold with the profits used to help Habitat build more homes.  Originally, Habitat started this effort as a fundraiser, but has since developed the program further to help promote recycling and reuse in the communities where they reside.  In the last year, the 17 Habitat ReStore locations in Indiana diverted over 250,000 tons of material from the landfill.  In addition, they recycled tons of metal and cans as well.  These ReStores are an excellent resource in your community for partnerships.  Together Habitat could work with your agency or group to promote Earth Day, recycling initiatives, or provide an additional location for a hazardous waste disposal site. Habitat is excited to partner with the Indiana Recycling Coalition and the local Solid Waste Management Districts by working together at state conferences and sharing ideas.  To find out more about the ReStore and where they are located, visit and click on the find a ReStore button.  Simply call your local ReStore and begin talking about ways that you might work together to help build a cleaner and greener state!


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