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  • Lars Lawson

A Victory Today on SB 210!

Dear Members and Friends,

Today, February 1, the Senate failed to pass SB 210 on 3rd reading.  This means that the bill has officially died on the Senate floor.  This is a major win for recycling in Indiana!

Thanks to all of you who called or emailed your Senators over the past several days.  Today, many Senators mentioned from the floor that they had heard from constituents and that they were concerned about changes to funding for Solid Waste Management Districts.  Those concerns were reflected in the final vote as several Senators changed their position in the final days and hours before the vote.  This movement is due, in large part, to your outreach!

It is possible that SB 210 (or parts of it) could re-appear as attachments to other bills before the session adjourns on March 14.  The IRC will stay diligent and we will let you know if your help is needed once more.

Again, thank you for taking the time to support recycling in Indiana!!

Best regards,

Carey Hamilton Executive Director Indiana Recycling Coalition


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